Delivering best practice informed consent

MedConsenting is an all-in-one online medical consent tool.

Developed by senior clinical and medico-legal experts, MedConsenting improves the consenting experience for healthcare professionals and patients.

This application:
• standardises the medical consent process
• includes informed financial consent in the one process
• is tailored to individual medical specialties and procedures
• safeguards professional compliance
• ensures patients are well informed of risks and costs.

Streamlined and systematised, MedConsenting enables best-practice informed consent.


Compliance & best practice

This end-to-end informed consent solution helps busy healthcare professionals achieve best practice informed consent.

A better experience for patients

MedConsenting provides patients with peer-reviewed, procedure specific medical consent information presented in simple terms that meets health literacy guidelines.

Easy to access and use

MedConsenting is easy for clinicians and patients to access and use. Accessible via mobile phone, tablet or desktop, it is quick to set up and easy to navigate and use.